Welcome to the Cuenca Los Ojos Foundation

Cuenca Los Ojos means "watershed of springs"

The Cuenca Los Ojos Foundation is dedicated towards improved understanding and appreciation at local, regional and international levels of the biological diversity along the United States-Mexico boundary.

Cuenca los Ojos (CLO) is a leader in adapting to climate change. In a part of the world that has been drying up, CLO is reversing this trend by restoring habitat through an ancient tradition of slowing erosion and harvesting water -- water that would otherwise would rush over a desiccated landscape. Bringing water back to the land has resulted in remarkable vegetation changes, which in turn has increased populations across the wildlife spectrum.

Our Mission

The Cuenca Los Ojos Foundation works to preserve and restore the biodiversity of the borderland region of the United States and Mexico through land protection, habitat restoration and wildlife reintroduction. The Foundation seeks to support these programs through scientific research and sustainable resource management practices.

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